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Miami Dolphins May 2012 Approval Ratings: Stephen Ross


We are going to start a new, monthly segment on the site today. Each month, we will have a poll for each of the top three guys in the Miami Dolphins organization, owner Stephen Ross, general manager Jeff Ireland, and head coach Joe Philbin. First up, we have Ross.

Really, the only news about Ross lately has been that he may or may not have been pushing the Dolphins to draft Ryan Tannehill. Either way, Tannehill is now the Dolphins', and it seems to be a move celebrated by most of the fans.

Since this is the first month in which we are doing these approval ratings, we don't have anything to compare them to, yet. But, each month, we will see what the trend is for each of these guys. The trend for the Dolphins right now seems to be going up, so it will be interesting to see how each of the Dolphins' top guys come out on the approval ratings.

Please vote below, and watch for Ireland's poll tomorrow.