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Miami Dolphins Wide Receivers Excited About New Uptempo Offense

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The Miami Dolphins are in the middle of one of their biggest offensive overhauls in recent memory. Not since Miami swung to a Ricky Williams led rushing attack has the team changed offensive schemes so dramatically. Rookie head coach Joe Philbin, having spent the past five seasons as the Green Bay Packers' offensive coordinator, is looking to transition the Dolphins from last year's power running scheme into an up-tempo, west coast offense. The conversion is drastic, but the team's wide receivers are optomistic about what it means for them, and the Dolphins.

"Only thing I can say about that is up tempo, up tempo, up tempo," third year wide out Marlon Moore told John Congemi of the team's official radio show and blog . "We get the ball going, and we keep running. We're going to outrun everybody."

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"There's a lot of timing based in this offense," added Brian Hartline, the team's top wide receiver, who is entering his fourth season in the league. "Really, that's what the NFL is going to. Guys are so fast and guys are so smart that you kind of have to see it before it happens. The timing aspect gives us that kind of ability."

Harline also talked about the change, not just in the offense, but about the coaching staff as well.

"Very detailed. Very precise on what they want and what they're looking for," Hartline said. "It definitely adds to the ability to get excited about the offense. They know what they want; you know what you need to give them. It adds for efficiency."

As the team transitions to the new west coast offense, Moore is reminded of his playing time at Fresno State, where they ran a similar offense.

"It's different terminology, same routes," Moore said. "That's the best thing about it. I'm excited to be in this offense and to be a member of the Miami Dolphins this year."

As the Dolphins begin unveiling the new offense over the next few months,the question becomes, will the fans be as excited for the season as the receivers are?