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2012 Post-Draft NFL Power Rankings

Is there a better way to describe the 2011 Dolphins?  Maybe the 2012 team will be better.
Is there a better way to describe the 2011 Dolphins? Maybe the 2012 team will be better.

It's way too early to really be considering an NFL power rankings, but people are doing it anyway. And, since others are doing it, why shouldn't we take a look at it?

SB Nation recently released their first NFL Power Rankings, and the Miami Dolphins, not surprisingly, didn't get a lot of love. The downside for the Dolphins, who come in ranked 22nd, is the quarterback position, which most Miami fans agree, is the biggest question this team has, seemingly every year.

SB Nation's explanation for the Dolphins' rating states:

22. Miami Dolphins (6-10, LW: 23): This roster is better than folks realize. Unfortunately, the quarterback is still a very large unknown.

I'm actually okay with a 22nd ranking. It's actually higher than I would have predicted, given the media coverage of the team this offseason. The Dolphins actually come in two positions higher than the Buffalo Bills, who seem to be the favorite "dark horse" pick in the AFC this year.

I would probably have put the Dolphins about 25th, given they haven't proven anything at all yet. Buffalo has gotten better this offseason, while Miami is starting all over with a new coaching staff and a completely reworked roster. It should be interesting to see if the team can climb up the power rankings by the end of the year, or will they fall.

And, by the way, I completely agree with the explanation. I do think the roster is actually better than most people realize, given the way that Mike Sherman plans on running the offense, and the overall scheme that Joe Philbin has in mind.

Way too early for a real ranking, but where do you think the Dolphins should fall in an NFL power rankings?

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