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Miami Dolphins "Hard Knocks" - Who Do You Want to See?


If you have not heard by now, the Miami Dolphins will be featured in this season's edition of HBO and NFL Films' production of Hard Knocks. My first question is, why have you not been on the site? I mean, we have been talking about it nearly all day, and you are just now hearing about it? Come on! You have to check the site more than that! You never know what you are missing.

Okay, now that my thinly veiled effort at getting you to come by the site a little more is over, let's take a look at why I am writing, and you are reading, this. Who are you most looking forward to seeing on Hard Knocks? Is it new head coach Joe Philbin? What about the quarterback trio of Matt Moore, David Garrard, and Ryan Tannehill (sorry Pat Devlin)? Or, perhaps you want to see what Reggie Bush has to say, and the work ethic that he has. What about Vontae Davis, who also seems to be laughing and joking around? Or, maybe it is the safeties, like Reshad Jones, Chris Clemons, Tyrone Culver, Jimmy Wilson, Tyrell Johnson, and Anderson Russell? Maybe you are hoping general manager Jeff Ireland and owner Stephen Ross have prominent roles in the show.

All of those nominees, and a few more, are in the poll below. Let us know who you will be watching during the Hard Knocks show this August. (And, please note, the countdown on the side of the front page has been updated to count down to the first episode of the show).