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Miami Dolphins on HBO's Hard Knocks Fan Reaction


Earlier today, it was announced that the Miami Dolphins would be showcased on NFL Films and HBO's Hard Knocks this August. The show follows a team during training camp, giving fans an inside look at the life of an NFL player. The Dolphins come into this season with a new head coach, a three-way battle for the starting quarterback position, a team known for being tight-lipped suddenly opens up, and personalities such as Reggie Bush and Vontae Davis on the team, this should be an entertaining show, at the least.

A 24-person NFL Films crew will live at the Dolphins' training camp in South Florida, shooting more than 1,000 hours of video over the course of the series. Camera and sound crews will be given unencumbered access to the players' and coaches' meeting rooms, training rooms, dormitories and practice fields.

How did you react to the news that the Dolphins would be the team to bring Hard Knocks back after a year hiatus? Let us know by voting below.