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Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Please remember to take a moment today to remember those who have sacrificed everything so we can celebrate today.

Then, enjoy the BBQs, boats, baseball, and all the things that make today, and every day in this country great. And, just to add a little more to the post, tonight marks the 100 days until the NFL season starts on September 5.

On a personal note: Thank you SGT Taylor, SPC Nahvi, SGT Mora, SPC Rosario, CPT Smith, SPC Nelson, SPC Lucas, SFC Lowery, SGT Portell, CPT Inman, SSG Mackey, SSG Caldell, SPC Gonzalez, SGT Regalado, SPC Shea, CPL Wilfahrt, and PFC Friese. You, and all of our fallen, have forever placed us in your debt.