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Former Miami Dolphins Linebacker John Offerdahl Testifies at Strange Murder Trial

"Over the past five weeks, jurors in the Narcy Novack murder trial have heard from a one-eyed killer, a tattooed porn star and a hotel guest who snapped pictures of Ben Novack Jr.'s bloody corpse with his cell phone."

The Miami Herald has been following all the twists and turns in the trial of Narcy Novack, who is accused of hiring hit men to murder her husband and his mother, in an effort to inherit the family millions. Her husband, Ben Noak, Jr., was the owner of a successful convention planning business, and Narcy, allegedly, wanted the money. She had Ben and 86-year-old his mother Bernice, killed by two men.

The trial has been strange enough, including the above mentioned one-eyed killer, porn star, and the photo-happy hotel guest. In fact, the police did not even know Brenice had been murdered until the men confessed to it., believing the elderly woman fell, dying from a head injury, in 2009. Three months later, Ben was gagged and beaten with barbells. When his eyes swelled to the point they were closed, they were slit back open.

The two men have testified that Narcy was in the hotel room while her husband was killed.

Enter John Offerdahl, the former Miami Dolphins linebacker, who retired in 1993. According to police reports and Offerdahl's testimony, the murder of Bernice was actually supposed to happen three weeks earlier than it did. The two hit men had gone to her home in Fort Lauderdale, and were peering in the windows when Offerdahl saw the suspicious behavior around his neighbor's home.

Offerdahl and his son then chased the two men, but were unable to catch them.

The men, according to their own testimony, returned later and killed Bernice, who was found in her laundry room with broken teeth, a broken finger, and "massive" head injuries.

The same men then executed Ben at a conference in Rye Brook, New York.

According to prosecutors, Narcy hired the two hit men through her brother, because she was worried Ben was going to divorce her. Narcy believed Ben was preparing to leave her for pornstar Rebecca Bliss, taking his $10 million estate with him. According to testimony, Ben "had a fetish for pornography involving amputees, enjoyed rough sex and liked to consort with prostitutes.