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Miami Dolphins Sign 5th Round Draft Pick Josh Kaddu

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The Miami Dolphins have announced the signing of linebacker Josh Kaddu. The signing of the fifth round draft pick brings the team's total draft selection signings to five of nine picks. The team still has first round pick quarterback Ryan Tannehill, third round picks defensive end Olivier Vernon and tight end Michael Egnew, and fourth round pick running back Lamar Miller to sign.

Kaddu is a 6'3", 235 lbs linebacker, who has great athletic ability, but has not yet developed great instincts for the game. His speed and athleticism could see the Dolphins trying to use Kaddu as either a coverage linebacker, or possibly as a pass rusher. If the Dolphins turn Kaddu into a defensive end/blitzing linebacker, his downhill, point of attack abilities could lead to a dynamic fifth rusher joining the offensive line.

According to, Kaddu's strengths are:

"Kaddu is an athlete at the position. He has fluid hips and an explosive twitch from his stance which allows him to make plays quickly; he is lucky considering that he is often slow to diagnose plays and this is his recovery tool. He is a fly-around player in pursuit and a classic sideline-to-sideline linebacker who needs to be in the right 4-3 defensive scheme to be successful. He is reliable to cover tight ends downfield."

His weaknesses are:

"Kaddu is not a very instinctive player and has to rely on his athletic ability to bail out of plays where he otherwise seems lost. He has value on teams considering his physical nature and running ability, but will have a tough time adjusting to an NFL defense and being able to diagnose plays in offenses run by the likes of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady."

The Dolphins have already signed wide receivers B.J. Cunningham (6th round) and Rishard Matthews (7th), as well as tackle Jonathan Martin (2nd), and defensive tackle Kheeston Randall (7th).