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NFLPA Rookie Premiere Behind the Scenes

We've been taking a look over the past few days at some of the content coming out from the SB Nation video production team from the NFLPA Rookie Premiere. Today, we get a little more behind the scenes, outtake style stuff from Amy K. Nelson and Dan Rubenstein. It's not the most indepth, informative stuff you will ever see, but it is fun, both with the two SB Nation types as well as the NFL rookies.

Hope you enjoy!


Show details:

Amy K. Nelson spent the weekend at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere and brought Dan Rubenstein along for the ride. Full Nelson takes you behind the scenes as Amy and Dan hang with all the top NFL rookies while taking in a little bit of Los Angeles at the same time.

Hosted by Amy K. Nelson
Produced by Josh Dodd & Greg T. Gordon
Shot by Jimmy Shelton & Isaac Cohen
Edited by Jimmy Shelton

Special thanks to the NFLPA, Rose Bowl, Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, and all the great rookies who were so generous with their time.

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