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Overall expectations of Dolphins' 2012 draft class

"Go-Go-Gadget 4.3 speed."
"Go-Go-Gadget 4.3 speed."

In my Sunday morning post, I brought up the issue of Dolphins fans having unrealistic expectations of Miami's 2012 rookie class, and then proceeded to highlight which players will be able to contribute the most right out of the blocks.

However, expectations regarding a rookie season and a full-blown career are two very, very different concepts, and represent a key lesson for Dolphins fans this season: don't expect to get the full dose of fireworks from guys like Ryan Tannehill, Olivier Vernon, Lamar Miller and Michael Egnew right off the bat. These guys could (and should) be difference makers in Miami, but the chances of them coming and immediately dominating are slim, to say the least, Rather, treat these guys like you would treat a rebuilding franchise (something the Dolphins qualify as) and understand that there will be lumps-a-plenty for some of these hotshot rookies.

With that said, I want to know which Dolphins 2012 rookie will have the best career. Do you think Ryan Tannehill satisfies team expectations and turns into an assassin under center? Will Jonathan Martin surpass expectations and become an elite offensive tackle (and on which side of the line ...)? Is Michael Egnew the latest prospect to roll out of the tight-end-as-defense-killer factory? Is Lamar Miller the speed merchant the Dolphins have so sorely lacked during the last, oh, I don't know, decade? It's your call, so let us know what you think.