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Phinsider Podcast Archive

It's time to re-post the Phinsider Podcast from last week. It started off a little rough, as I was flying solo for the night. Both texascowpunk and kmb8488 got called away at the last minute, and it was up to me to carry the show. And, as much as I like to talk (if you know me, you can stop laughing any time), it's not the easiest thing in the world to carry a show talking to yourself.

Luckily, some of our readers came to my rescue, both in the live thread here on the site, and by calling in to the show. We ended up discussing several topics, and the show turned out to be a pretty good one, despite the babbling I did to get it going, and the technical difficulties (why does my phone choose the night I'm by myself to drop a call?).

Remember, the next live Phinsider Podcast is Thursday at 9pm EDT.

I hope you enjoy the show. Remember, you can subscribe to the show in iTunes, downloading each show as soon as it's available. You can also subscribe to the show on the Blog Talk Radio site, which will automatically send you an email reminder before each show.

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