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Sunday Night Random Live Thread: The I Don't Have a Theme Theme

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It's Sunday night, and texascowpunk is stuck at work, so it's my turn to put up our Random Live Thread. But, I don't really have a theme for tonight, so instead I will declare the theme of this thread as "No theme." Talk about whatever you would like.

[UPDATE:] This thread has earned its theme. I posted this an hour early by accident, so this live thread's theme is now, "I Hit Send Too Early..." or "I Didn't Mean to Send That..." Give us your best story below.

Remember this is open thread and as such any subject is on the table outside of religion and politics. Please keep picks to a maximum of 2 per person and no GIF's in any of the live threads. Also try your best to keep things as close to PG as possible as we are on the front page.