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Phinsider Podcast Draft Day Special Archive


It's been nearly a week since the last Phinsider Podcast, but I never posted the archived version of the show. Now, I full acknowledge that this episode is 3 hours long, and you may or may not have time to listen to the whole thing. But, here it is, in case you want to listen.

The next show is tomorrow night at 9pm EDT. I will post all the information before the show on how you can get a hold of us - including by phone, Twitter, chat, and in the show's thread. We'll only be on for an hour, tomorrow, so it won't be a crazy long show like this last one.

You can also susbscribe to the show over on Blog Talk Radio's website, which will automatically send you an email reminder before every show.

You can also find the show on iTunes. Subscribe there to automatically download every new show as soon as it's available, and make sure to rate us (especially if you like the show....hint, hint).


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