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Wednesday Night Random Live Thread:Post 2012 NFL Draft Question Of The Night Edition

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As the rosters sits now with veterans, free agent signings, draft picks and un-drafted free agent signings we have ten wide receivers on the roster. I would suspect that we carry only five and possibly six in the final 53 man roster. Tonight's question is which of those ten make the final cut for the final roster, which ones are resigned for the practice squad and which ones are set adrift to find another team or possibly another vocation all together?

15 Bess, Davone WR 5-10 190 26 4 Hawaii
Cunningham, B.J. WR 6-2 215 22 R Michigan State
10 Gates, Clyde WR 5-11 197 25 R Abilene Christian
82 Hartline, Brian WR 6-2 195 25 3 Ohio State
81 Hogan, Chris WR 6-1 220 23 1 Monmouth
Matthews, Rishard WR 6-0 217 22 R Nevada
14 Moore, Marlon WR 6-0 190 24 2 Fresno State
19 Naanee, Legedu WR 6-2 220 28 5 Boise State
11 Pruitt, Julius WR 6-2 206 26 1 Ouachita Baptist
18 Wallace, Roberto WR 6-4 225 25 2 San Diego State

In your opinion how does it all pan out in the end?

Remember this is open thread and as such any subject is on the table outside of religion and politics. Please keep picks to a minimum of 2 per person and no GIF's in any of the live threads. Also try your best to keep things as close to PG as possible as we are on the front page.