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The music you enjoy in your free time

Chances are that most of you enjoy stuff outside of sports (and if that's not the case, you're likely insane), so I thought we'd continue with the camaraderie-building posts and find out what kind of music you guys enjoy when you're not talking about whether or not Ryan Tannehill will suck as an NFL quarterback.

Musical taste always varies, but it certainly seems like rap and classic rock are the most popular musical idioms among Phinsider members. Tex loves his alternative country rock. Kevin often dreams of joining the band Journey. I've been playing guitar for 16 years and still love the alternative music, power pop and classic rock I grew up listening to in the car (good music has a way of staying relevant regardless of current trends). Neil Young, Soundgarden, Counting Crows, Silverchair, Smashing Pumpkins and Kings of Leon are some of my all-time faves, and also love Motown, '70s R&B, and sometimes even rap (this phase usually only lasts about a week or two each year, however).

Please take a moment to tell me about your favorite groups and/or musicians.