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Brandon Marshall Will Not Face Charges For New York Club Incident


New York City policed announced yesterday that they will not bring charges against former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall for a March fight at a nightclub in Manhattan, according to Marshall's attorney Harvey Steinberg.

Marshall was being investigated following allegations from a woman at the nightclub. The woman claimed Marshall had punched her in the face outside the club. Marshall, meanwhile, admitted to being at Marquee club during the incident, but repeatedly stated it was actually his wife who was attacked, having a bottle hit her in the face, leading to her having to be taken to the hospital.

"We maintained all along he is a victim and there is no basis to believe these charges," Steinberg told The Associated Press. "Brandon was the victim here and never did anything wrong. This confirms that."

Marshall spent two years with the Dolphins before being traded in March to the Chicago Bears. The New York City incident, which was known by both teams at the time of the trade, was first reported hours after the deal in which Miami received the Bears' 2012 and 2013 third round draft choices.