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SB Nation Fantasy Football Rankings - Running Backs

Shhhh...this never actually happened.
Shhhh...this never actually happened.

SB Nation's Fake Teams fantasy sports blog continues their rankings of NFL players heading into the four months prior to the season. Today, they published their first part of the fantasy running backs rankings.

The Miami Dolphins did appear in the first 25 runners to be ranked, with Reggie Bush coming in at 17. Bush, who was in Miami for the first time last season, is coming off his first career 1,000-yard rushing season. After most "experts" repeatedly declared that Bush could never be a feature back in the NFL, Bush went out and proved he could do it. However, with sophomore rusher Daniel Thomas looking to improve on an injury filled rookie campaign, as well as the newly drafted Lamar Miller coming in to add another dynamic weapon to the running game, Bush could see his workload go down this year.

Of the 17th position ranking for Bush, Fake Teams writes:

"The Dolphins have arguably the crappiest set of skill position players in the league. Daniel Thomas isn't a threat and rookie Lamar Miller will likely need at least a year to get his feet wet. R-Bizzle (nobody calls him that) had a stud-like 129.8 yards per game in his last four contests and has the ceiling of a top back for 12-team leagues. Bush does have injury concerns, however."

Where would you rank Bush heading into the season, or is 17 about right for the former Heisman Trophy winner?