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Brandon Marshall Wishes Miami Dolphins Luck, Takes Another Shot at Quarterbacks

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Former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall was back in Florida today, promoting his youth football camp at his alma mater, Lake Howell High School, in Orlando. In the publicity rounds, Marshall was interviewed on 740 The Game, during which, the trade that sent him from Miami to the Chicago Bears, as well as his time in Miami came up, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel's Izzy Gould.

Marshall understands why the Dolphins traded him back in March, landing two third round picks in return. "It doesn't make any sense to pay a guy $2 million and only expect him to have 60 or 65 receptions, or 70 receptions, in this new offense," Marshall said.

But, being the guy that he is, Marshall couldn't just leave him comments there. He had to get in another dig at the Miami quarterbacks, "Also, if you don't have a quarterback, it doesn't matter who you have out there. You can bring Jerry Rice back, in his prime, and he's not going to be effective." Marshall was vocally critical of Chad Henne and Matt Moore at the end of the 2011 season, openly campaigning for a new quarterback in Miami.

To be fair, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, general manager Jeff Ireland, and new head coach Joe Philbin all said the team would look for an upgrade at the quarterback position this offseason. The team drafted Ryan Tannehill with the eighth overall draft pick last month.

When the Dolphins traded Marshall, many fans were confused. Marshall was the team's top wide receiver the last two seasons, and had just been named the Pro Bowl MVP after an 81 catch, 1,214 yard, 6 touchdown season. Marshall frustrated fans throughout the season, however, with repeated drops of passes, especially in the end zone.

Marshall, though, seems to think the move was win-win for him and the team. "It makes sense on the business end," Marshall explained, "and also the fit, as far as philosophy wise, just wasn't there. I can understand the change, and, honestly, this is the best move that could have happened for both sides."

While he described his situation in Chicago as a "dream job with a dream organization," Marshall also admitted he will miss his teammates in Miami.

"I wish the Dolphins the best of luck, and the guys on the team. I have a lot of friends there. I hope they get a chance to turn it around and start winning, because that fan base is desperate for some wins."

Marshall couldn't have said a more true statement - this fan base is desperate for wins.

If you are in the Orlando area, Marshall's youth football camp is free, and takes place a week from Saturday, May 19, at Lake Howell High School.