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Most successful Dolphins draft pick in 2012?

Something about Josh Kaddu just screams 'sleeper assassin.'
Something about Josh Kaddu just screams 'sleeper assassin.'

Welcome to the NFL doldrums, everyone. We're officially in the phase of the offseason where it's acceptable to get hung up on roster moves that will have absolutely no effect on training camp, preseason or regular season. Wait, hold on ... I think I actually hear some activity going on. Let's take a closer look.

(Tumbleweed blows across a dirt street; horse neighs; sound of Omar simultaneously cooking his wife a "man's dinner" and belittling his Twitter followers can be heard in the distance)

Okay, so we're in full-blown hibernation mode. That's fine. It's never easy to go from the most exciting point of the offseason (the NFL Draft) to the least exciting point in one fell swoop. It's like going from 120 mph to 0 in 1.7 seconds on a high-powered motorcycle. For now, all we can do is continue critiquing the Dolphins' 2012 draft--one that has slowly become the darling draft among analysts over the last two weeks (who knew Jeff Ireland had it in him?).

Thus, it's time to tell us the Dolphins 2012 draft selection who will have the most success this season. Think Ryan Tannehill will get his shot this fall? How about Jonathan Martin coming and dominating at right tackle? Maybe Lamar Miller and Michael Egnew blow holes in the AFC East in 2012. Maybe Olivier Vernon comes in and makes everyone say, "We have to account for that guy and Cameron Wake?"