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Phinsider Reader Survey

One of my biggest goals for the Phinsider is to make this site into a great place for all of you. I always like receiving feedback and ideas, trying to get them incorporated into what we do with the site. As I try to find ways to make the site better, and give you guys the content you would like to see, I decided maybe a survey would help with that.

I know everyone hates to take surveys. But, I ask you to please take a few minutes and complete this one. It's 10 questions, most of which are quick multiple choice questions.

At the end, you have your chance to talk about things you would like to see on the site, in the podcast, or anything else you would like to suggest.

And, even if you don't regularly comment or post on the site, please take the survey. Everyone's opinions are valuable as we look to improve the site ahead of the 2012 season.

Thank you for your time!