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Sunday Night Random Live Thread:First Car Edition

So in my pleading for new stories ideas I got this one from other members twice (Alpha and Fansince70) so I thought it must be a sign. So with that in mind tonight's question is what was your first car?

Mine was a mint, white, 1971 VW Super Beatle. It ran great and never once gave me any issues. I moved back down to Miami in 89 in that car and sold it for more then I paid for it. I to this day wish I had kept it. I had a rebuilt motor that was like new, a new paint job just a few months before I bought it and all new interior. It was the model of a mint classic car that would now be worth much, much more.

As always this is an open thread meaning that any topic is on the table with the exception of politics and religion. Please limit the posting of picks to two or three per person. Also please no GIF's in any of the live thread. They slow down the load speeds for those on slower connections. Remember this is a front page post so please do your best to keep the conversation as close to PG as possible.

So tell us, what was your first car?