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Folie a Deux?

'Scuse the fact that "Folie a Deux" will forever be tied to crappy emo/punk-core/audio feces group Fall Out Boy, but the meaning of the term--a madness shared by two--pretty much describes several facets of the 2012 Miami Dolphins:

-A madness shared by Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland

-A madness shared by Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman

-A madness shared by the Dolphins and the quarterback they select in the draft

Let's focus on option No. 3, as no one seems to know which quarterback prospect will land in Miami later this month. Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill is the popular pick right now, but what if Cleveland gets saucy and selects him at No. 4? Are the Dolphins screwed at that point? History suggests yes; however, logic and intuition say "hell no." Truth is, there will be some mighty nice quarterback prospects available after the top three guys (Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Tannehill) are long gone, and you owe it to yourself to get over the "second-round quarterbacks suck" mentality (a mindset that would've kept Andy Dalton out of Cincinnati last year) and become familiar with the likely day two QBs this spring: Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden, Arizona State's Brock Osweiler and Michigan State's Kirk Cousins.

All three of these prospects bring something special to the table--great arm strength and accuracy (Weeden), unique size, arm strength and athleticism (Osweiler), and cerebral-packed leadership (Cousins)--but only one will don the aqua and orange hat this April. Who ya got?