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Miami Dolphins Considering Logo Change for 2013?

Are the Miami Dolphins going to adjust their uniforms for the 2013 season?
Are the Miami Dolphins going to adjust their uniforms for the 2013 season?

Craig Davis of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel wrote yesterday that the Miami Dolphins could be looking to update their logo and jersey for the 2013 season. This comes a day after Nike revealed the new uniforms for all of the NFL, with the Dolphins limiting the changes to mostly performance related chages.

Davis spoke to Dolphins CEO Mike Dee about the possibility of the team changing the logo.

"I don't think you'd ever see us consider something as radical as Tampa Bay did going from the orange to the pewter gray. ... But I think we're actively looking at ways to keep the brand current while respecting the great tradition and iconic value that we've been fortunate to inherit," Dee said.

"That may result in some change, it may result in subtle change, it may result in no change. It's too early to tell, but we're talking to fans and listening to fans."

The Dolphins new Nike uniforms for 2012 does contain one change, that several fans noticed right away. It's a matte finish to the jersey, making the aqua color appear darker in the released pictures.

"It won't even be that visible to the naked eye," Dee said of the changes. "Perhaps the fit might be. It is a matte finish, so if you pay attention to the details it will be a different look.

"We’re anxious to talk to fans, and whatever we do it is going to be with great reverence and respect for the history and iconic nature of all the marks and symbols fans have come to know and like. We’re not looking to enact any radical changes. … We will keep great respect of the history and tradition of the logo and the look and feel of the team. That is not going to change under any circumstances."

What would you like to see changed with the uniform next year? Let us know below, or call in tonight to the podcast to talk about it.