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SI 2012 NFL Mock Draft

Sports Illustrated has updated their 2012 NFL Mock Draft, taking a look at what teams have done in free agency, and what the draft prospects have done at their respective pro days. Of the fourth version of the mock draft, author Don Banks writes:

"The first round of the NFL Draft is always a jigsaw puzzle that takes four months to assemble. The grades are one component that has to fall into place, but so do roster needs and the assessment of how each player fits into a particular team's scheme. With 22 days to go before the picking starts, most of the legwork has been done and the big picture is starting to come together for many clubs.

"Our biggest headline this time around is Alabama running back Trent Richardson's rise back into the top five, where he seems destined to stay. There's also still no deal for No. 3 quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who I've left paired with No. 8 Miami. Some new names appear in the bottom third of our first round, and some familiar ones (Kendall Wright, Janoris Jenkins) have disappeared. Here's our fourth attempt to mock out what will transpire April 26 in midtown Manhattan."

Continue reading to see the Miami Dolphins pick (not that it's going to surprise anyone):

According to Banks, with the eighth pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select:

8 QB Ryan Tannehill Texas A&M Sr. 6-4 222

About the pick, Banks writes:

"The Dolphins finally get their future starting quarterback, and it'll be offensive coordinator Mike Sherman's job to determine when it's time to transition from the Matt Moore/David Garrard tandem to the athletic and accurate former Aggie."

Make sure you head over to check out the full 2012 NFL Mock Draft.