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Wednesday Night Random Live Open Thread:Favorite Sportscaster

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Well it's Wednesday night and that means it's TV night again. With that in mind tonight's question is who is your favorite sportscaster? It could be a live broadcast play by play guy/gal, a color guy/gal, sideline reporter, a studio guy/gal or even someone like Steve Sabol who is legendary for his work with NFL Films.

Mine is Rich Eisen. He was the perfect choice by NFL network to be their full time main host. He manages to combine his in-depth knowledge and love of the game with just the right amount of humor to keep his commentary always interesting. He will also host a new show on TNT starting in June called "The Great Escape". Having him as a host is enough to make me at least give it a shot despite the fact that I hate most reality TV.

so as always this is an open thread meaning that any subject outside of politics and religion are on the table for discussion. Please try your best to keep things as close to PG as possible as we are on the front page. Also please limit the posting of picks to two or three per person. Also please do not post GIF's in the live threads as they slow down the load times for those site member's on slower connections.

So tell us, who is your favorite sportscaster?