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Miami Dolphins 2012 Draft Grade - Olivier Vernon

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With the 72nd overall draft pick, the Miami Dolphins select Olivier Vernon, defensive end, University of Miami. Vernon comes to a team needing a dynamic pass rushing threat to play opposite Cameron Wake, and the rookie could find himself filling that role nicely. Vernon was the first of Miami's two third round picks, and should be able to land a prominent role on the Dolphins' defense, if not the starting defensive end role.

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What he brings: An underrated athlete who is stout at the point of attack. He flashes effective speed to power moves as a pass rusher, and provides scheme versatility.

How he fits: They are making the transition from the 3-4 to 4-3 defense and that means changing personnel. Right now, their best pass-rusher Cameron Wake and he will likely put his hand in the dirt at DE. Vernon could be that 4-3 DE edge rusher with really good speed. He might even be able to move to OLB if they sprinkle in 3-4 packages and he can really help Wake.


Mayock's take: "Out of all the underclassmen that came out this year, and I didn't think many should have, Vernon is one that I banged the table for. He's a solid 4-3 defensive end who can get edge pressure on the quarterback."