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Miami Dolphins 2012 Draft Ranks As Fifth Best In League?

It may only be one expert's opinion, but at least someone see the Miami Dolphins' 2012 Draft as a success. ESPN's Todd McShay was one of the leading proponents for the Dolphins to select quarterback Ryan Tannehill in the first round of the draft, and still seems high on the pick, despite so many "experts" railing against it right now.

The Dolphins also added tackle Jonathan Martin, defensive end Olivier Vernon, tight end Michael Egnew, running back Lamar Miller, outisde linebacker Josh Kaddu, wide receiver B.J. Cunningham, defensive tackle Kheeston Randall, and wide receiver Rishard Matthews over the course of the three day NFL Draft.

Most pundits have the Dolphins graded in the B-to-C range after the draft. The focus seems to be simply on the possibility that Miami took a quarterback with the eigth overall draft choice who may not be starting right away in the league. At least one personality sees that the Dolphins did more than draft a backup quarterback for 2012.