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Monday Night Random Live Thread:Post Draft Question Of The Night Edition


In last nights live thread I asked the question of how you feel about the state of the Miami Dolphins front office following the draft as compared to where you stood on them a month or so ago. Among the discussions was a question from our own Anish of if Tannehill should start the season as the starter at quarterback or not.

I am taking a cautious approach to him as I like many on this site realize that along with all of his raw athleticism and huge upside also comes a glaring lack of experience at the position. I know the argument of how he sat in the quarterback meetings and learned the scheme inside and out. I also know that having a solid football mind and understanding for the game does not make you a star QB. It's a case of going out and doing it and taking your lumps as the only way you learn but also sitting behind a more accomplished player at that position might help you lessen the blow of those lumps once you start taking them.

For a very long time the conventional wisdom was that you sat a quarterback and let him learn behind your current starter, working him in to the starters roll when he had the right amount of seasoning. Over the last few years we have seen more then a few quarterbacks throw to the wolves right off the bat and succeed and yet others failed in epic fashion. I think that both approaches still have their merits (see Aaron Rodgers) and in the end you have to look at each player and the situation on a case by case basis.

I am of the mindset of taking the cautious route with Tannehill given not only his lack of starts at the college level but the way our fan base treats quarterbacks in general. Maybe it's just me and I have become jaded when it comes to our fan base. I get that we have had a bad run of it over the last decade plus but at the same time I hope we as a fan base will show this kid some patience. We have two decent starters on the roster that will help you "manage" games until the time that Tannehill is ready. My preference would be to work him in to the starters roll when and only when he has had some time to catch up to the overall speed of the NFL and maybe learn a thing or twelve from whoever we do throw out there as the starter beforehand.

So my question of the night is if you are Joe Philibin how do you play this? Do you throw him to the wolves day one or do you allow him to season behind another one of our vets?