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Tuesday Night Random Live Thread:Favorite Beer Edition

The Flying Saucer in Fort Worth Texas

So keeping with the food or dining theme on Tuesday's tonight's questions is what is your favorite beer?

Mine is a Belgian style brown ale from a brewery out of Milton Delaware. It is the Dogfish Head brewery (ttp:// and the beer is their Raison D'Etre ( I am not normally a fan of any beer that is mixed with fruit or brewed with fruit but this one that is brewed with beet sugar, raisins and Belgian style yeast is excellent and in fact won the title of best American made beer in 2000. It is not sweet at all (the thing that I find the drawback of the others) and is at the top of its class if you are a fan of Belgian Strong Dark Ales ( It is also classified as an "ale" in many places (like here in Texas) because of its high alcohol by volume at 8 percent. Of course all of their beers are excellent but this one stands out for me.

As always remember this is an open thread meaning that any subject outside of politics and religion are on the table. Please try your best to keep things as close to PG as possible as this post is on the front page. Also please limit pics to two or three per person. Please no GIF's in the live threads as they slow down the load times for those with slower connections.

So tell us about your favorite brew!

The great Todd Snider!