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Miami Dolphins 2012 Draft Picks Conference Calls

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The Miami Dolphins picked four players over the final three rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft yesterday. After each player's selection, they held a conference call with the Miami media, with the Dolphins later releasing the transcript of those calls. So far, we have looked at the conference call of all of the Miami draft picks except for these final three.

First, we will look at fifth round pick, linebacker Josh Kaddu. After his transcript, the transcripts for sixth round pick wide receive B.J. Cunningham, seventh round pick defensive tackle Kheeston Randle, and seventh round choice wide receiver Rishard Matthews will all follow.


(On how do you feel about being a Miami Dolphins) - "I feel truly blessed just glad to be going out there and playing for the Dolphins and putting on those awesome uniforms."

(On what are your strengths) - "I feel like I'm a versatile player. I just come in compete, work hard, and I'm just a very versatile player. I feel like I can rush the passer if the team needs me, drop back in coverage, and play man-to-man on the slot, running backs, tight ends where they need me to do. I feel like I can do a lot of things very well and I just hope to prove when I get to the NFL."

(On any scouts talking to you about gaining or maintaining your weight to play in the NFL) - "I've heard from a number of different things. Some teams have told me I need to gain 10 pounds to play the position they want me to play, but some teams said I'm fine at the weight and just maintain. I don't know exactly what the Dolphins want from me, but I'm ready to do whatever I need too."

(On your new teammate Jonathan Martin and your battles in college between Oregon and Stanford) - "Yes sir, we went up a few times in our college careers and he's a great player also. I am looking to playing alongside him."

(On what NFL player did you admire growing up) - "Growing up, I'm going to have to say Ray Lewis. That was the position I've played ever since I was younger. He is a guy that I have tried to mold my game after because his playmaker ability and just the way he changes games and the way he comes down and hit people. Just hoping I can mold my game after him and work to be just 10 percent as good as he has been."

(On being a player that himself motivated before the game, similar to Ray Lewis) - "Actually, the funny thing is I'm a little laid back before the game. Once I get into the game and get that first hit, that's what turns it on for me. I just like tolay back and keep my nerves calm. And then once the game comes on, that's when I turn it on."

(On viewing yourself as a 3-4 linebacker and what are your strengths) - I'll be whatever the team needs me to be play. I can be a 3-4 outside linebacker or play in a 4-3 outside linebacker. I feel like my strengths are I run well, very athletic, and tackle well. I run well in space and cover well. I just feel like I do a few things very good and I just plan on working on my technique and improving on everything once I get to Miami."

(On how is the injury and do you think it affected your draft stock) - "I mean, I would just feel like to say that God put me where I needed to be. I feel like the hamstring is something that had to happen and I feel like it didn't hurt me at all. I'm just happy to be going where I went."


(On what his strengths are as a receiver) - "I feel like my game is all around. I feel like I can bring physicalness [sic] at the receiver position. I block well, I can go across the middle, if the quarterback puts it on me I feel I can go out and get it, I can extend to get the ball, I can adjust to the ball. I feel like I'm blessed to be in this situation and I can't wait to get started."

(On what wide receiver he grew up watching and admiring) - "I watched Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Marshall, Greg Jennings, I mean, about six other guys. Those are my favorite ones. They're big receivers but they still run great routes and block and that's my game when compared to those guys."

(On what it was like waiting to the sixth round) - "It's a little stressful but you prepare yourself for it. My family and friends, they were helping me through it. Most of the guys being picked are my friends and I knew a lot of them, so I'd sent them a text of congratulations. It's exciting, the ups and downs of the draft. It's an emotional high. It just feels great."

(On what he needs to improve most to bring his game to the next level) - "Working on my explosion off the line, attacking DBs, I'd done a lot better than that during my college career. But there's room for improvement. I feel like I'll be able to do that and get on the field and make a contribution."

(On if he feels he fits a West Coast offense the best) - "I feel like I do, definitely. I'm the type of receiver where I'll line up inside, outside, wherever you want. I'll can routes, on corners, safeties, linebackers, wherever they want to put me, however they utilize me, special teams, whatever they need to do, I'll come out and I'll produce for them."


(On how he got the nickname Big Money) - "When I was at Texas, I'm originally from Beaumont, Texas and everybody in Beaumont they call it Big Money so they just felt like calling me that. It's nothing really to do with money at all."

(On what he considers his strongest assets) - "Just my motivation and dedication to the game."

(On what he feels he needs to work on the most to excel) - "Definitely, just the whole aspect of football because I can constantly get better no matter how good I get. Like working on small techniques. Watching more players in my size and just learning from them and just constantly being in the film room like I've been doing in Texas."

(On which player he grew up admiring and why) - "Right now, I loved watching Kevin Williams. The fact is he's a bigger guy like myself and he moves real well and Kyle Vanden Bosch and just like all those bigger, taller defensive linemen that I have learned a lot from."

(On what this experience like) - "It's an emotional high but at the same time I know that I have to go out and prove why the Dolphins picked me and so it's just the confidence and it's just the beginning."

(On what he thought of Ryan Tannehill in the game they played against him) - "I thought (Ryan) Tannehill was a real good quarterback and I know he'll do the same in the NFL, especially coming from Texas, Big 12; playing against some of those defenses. I definitely feel he'll be one of the best new quarterbacks in this league."

(On what his vision in terms of schemes) - "I'm not really worried about the scheme. I'm more worried about learning that position at any position on the d-line and just gaining experience and learning every single day so when I put it together I'll be in a position that to make plays to help the team."


(On how do you feel to be a Dolphin) - "I'm real excited. It's a great organization. I just can't wait to be a part of it I'm glad to be a part of it, overwhelmed."

(On what NFL player did you idolize growing up and why) - "I admired all the great players. I'm a guy that watches football year in and year out. I admire all the great players, especially receivers. As long as you do good to represent the league on and off the field, I admire you."

(On your biggest strengths) - "I would say I have excellent ball skills and my ability to make plays after the catch. I would say excellent and I would say I can play on any special teams. I also do punt return. Like I said, I can start on any special teams. I played free safety at high school. I can go down and make a tackle and do all that."

(On if attending seven different high schools and colleges impacted your playing career) - "I would say it matured me in different situations getting in and out of situations. It just helped me be more mature and look at life more of an importance and realize that anything can be taken away from you at anytime."

(On having discipline will not be an issue considered your father's military background) - "My dad is a retired drill sergeant, Master Sergeant. And I got the most discipline I believe anybody can get and so I respect it and like I said I've matured a lot from it. And it helped to have a better look out on life on how you raise your kids and just how you represent yourself as a person."

(On being worried you wouldn't be drafted, is this where you expected to be drafted) - "I didn't have any expectations. I just wanted my name to get called any pick of the draft. Whether it was earlier or not. I'm glad it got called and I'm glad and happy to be a Miami Dolphin."

(On what do you need to improve your game) - "Improve my game I would say I take pride in blocking so just finishing my blocks. I know I finish my blocks now, but I just want my guy to get on the pile. Do all I can to do that and improve on that."