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Miami Dolphins 2012 Draft Round 6 Pick Is BJ Cunningham

The Miami Dolphins have selected B.J. Cunningham, wide receiver, Michigan State, with the 13th pick in the 6th round. The pick adds to the previous rounds picks of quarterback Ryan Tannehill, offensive tackle Jonathan Martin, defensive end Olivier Vernon, and tight end Michael Egnew, running back Lamar Miller, and linebacker Josh Kaddu.

The Dolphins have also made three trades during the draft so far. The team traded back in the third round, moving from the 73rd overall pick back to the San Diego Chargers' 78th selection, while adding pick number 183 in the sixth round. Then, at the start of today's action, the Dolphins moved up from 103 (10th in the 4th round) to number 97 (2nd in the 4th round), giving the San Francisco 49ers that 103rd pick, the 196th pick (6th round), and a sixth round pick next year. The team also traded back to the 20th pick in the fifth round (155 overall), adding the 227th pick, to give the 10th pick in the sixth round to the Tennessee Titans.

What's your reaction to this pick?