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2012 NFL Draft Day 3 Live Thread - Overflow 1


The 2012 NFL Draft continues with the fourth through seventh rounds. Coming into today, the Miami Dolphins had already selected quarterback Ryan Tannehill (and his wife Lauren, pictured), offensive tackle Jonathan Martin, defensive end Olivier Vernon, and tight end Michael Egnew. The Dolphins currently hold five picks over the last four rounds, starting with the 103rd overall pick, the eighth pick of the fourth round. The team also has the tenth pick in round five (145 overall), the 13th and 26th picks in round six (183 and 196 respectively), and finally, the eighth pick in the seventh round( 215).

In the fourth round, the Dolphins selected running back Lamar Miller from the University of Miami after trading up to the San Francisco 49ers' second pick in the round. To get to that pick, the Dolphins sent this year's fourth round pick (103), one of their two sixth round picks this season (196), and a sixth round pick next year to the 49ers.

Enjoy the draft, and I will add overflow threads as needed