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How Does This Player Fit: Michael Egnew

Can Egnew beast NFL defenses for the Miami Dolphins?
Can Egnew beast NFL defenses for the Miami Dolphins?

Anthony Fasano is a good all around tight end. He is a good blocker and can be a decent weapon in the passing game. But Miami does not have a dynamic tight end that can stretch defense and make plays; enter Michael Egnew. Egnew is a 6'5" 252 pound TE with 4.62 speed. He has displayed prowess as a receiving threat during his college career with decent production. The Dolphins are hoping he can become a main weapon like Graham, Gronkowski, and Gates.


Egnew will likely be the #2 TE behind Fasano. But Philbin comes from a Green Bay offense that kept 5 TEs on the roster last season. Egnew will be used in a similar manner that JerMichael Finley was in GB. The Dolphins will very likely use multiple TE sets and thus Egnew will see the field plenty. He will used as a seam threat and a red zone threat. With he, Fasano and Clay as the TE/H-back weapons, the offense appears to become more versatile and offer mismatches for defenses.