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2012 NFL Draft Round 1 AFC East Edition

By now, you may have heard that the Miami Dolphins drafted Ryan Tannehill last night in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. However, this is obviously not the only selection that has an effect on Miami's 2012 season. What about those players the team will face twice, the AFC East division rivals?

The Dolphins were the first team on the board, and only the second team in the top eight picks to actually make their selection without trading into or out of their position. Obviously, the Dolphins took the player they wanted with the pick, landing the Texas A&M quarterback and reuniting him with former Aggies head coach turned Miami offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.

The Buffalo Bills were next on the clock among the AFC East teams, selecting in the tenth position. After an offseason that say the Bills revamp their defense, headlined by the signing of free agent pass rusher Mario Williams, the team was thought to be looking offensive line, or possibly wide receiver to add weapons for quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. However, the Bills threw a curve ball, feeling they could not allow Stephon Gillmore, the South Carolina cornerback, to fall. The Bills grabbed a player who could be the shut down corner they need.

The New York Jets came up next with the 16th pick, where they picked the North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples. Coples is hugely talented, but does not always maintain his focus or give his full effort. The Jets could have a huge star on their hands, or they could have the dreaded reincarnation of Vernon Gholston - a workout warrior who will bust in the NFL.

Finally, the New England Patriots hit the clock, but not in the expected 27th and 31st positions. The Patriots, who trade back in the NFL draft more often than Tim Tebow says he's excited, traded both of their picks in the first round - but traded up with both of them instead of back. The Patriots send the 27th and 93rd picks overall to the Cincinnati Bengals for the 21st selection, which they utilized to grab defensive end Chandler Jones. Then, even more suddenly, the Patriots again worked the phones, jumping up from 31st to 25th, acquiring Dont'a Hightower with the pick, while sending the 31st and 126th picks to the Denver Broncos. The Patriots added some much needed young talent to their defense with both the defensive end and the linebacker positions.

Which team do you think was the best out of the AFC East? Do you agree with Matt Ufford that the combination of desperation and convienence led to a C- first round for the Dolphins? Did Brad Wells nail the best first round with the Patriots? Or did Dan Rubenstein convince you that the Bills should slide in there as the best first round? Is David Fucillo right with the Jets getting a C for the Quinton Coples pick? Let us know what you think below.