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Miami Dolphins 2012 Draft First Round Selection is Ryan Tannehill; What Will They Do in the Second Round?

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The Miami Dolphins have selected Ryan Tannehill with the eighth overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. The pick itself was not overly surprising, given most mock drafts over the past month had templated that exact selection, but its still not a consensus pick among Miami fans.

Reactions to the selection of Tannehill have been all over the place, with some fans happy to see Miami take their first first-round quarterback since Dan Marino in 1983, while some are upset about the Dolphins taking a player at eight that is not expected to start this year. And, both sides of the reaction are correct.

Obviously, the Miami coaching staff, including offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, who was Tannehill's head coach at Texas A&M, believe in the young quarterback. They've tied themselves to Tannehill now, and his success will determine the success of the regime.

At the same time, it's hard to justify taking a player in the top ten picks of a draft that is not going to be on the field at the start of Week 1. However, taking a quarterback to develop and sit for half a season, a year, two years, that you really believe in, is always going to be a good thing. Hopefully, Tannehill develops as obviously the coaching staff believes he will.

With the pick, the Dolphins are sitting exactly where everyone thought they would be. Now, moving in to the second round, the Dolphins will be looking to either upgrade the pass rush, or add a receiver to replace Pro Bowl MVP Brandon Marshall, who was traded this offseason to the Chicago Bears.

And, there is a ton of talent available at the top of the next round. Just looking pass rushers, or receiving threats, Courtney Upshaw, Devon Still, Andre Branch, Dwayne Allen, Coby Fleener, Alshon Jeffrey, and Vinny Curry, are all still available - and most of those players grade as mid-to-late first round picks.

The Dolphins could also look to shore up the offensive line, with players like Jonathan Martin, Peter Konz, and Cordy Glenn still available.

There are a ton of options still available for the Dolphins going into the second round - and even into the third round. With three picks over the two rounds, the Dolphins could be setting themselves up to get young, and talented, very quickly. With all the holes Miami had coming into the draft, they could leave it with a lot of answers, and an obvious plan in place to get better as a team.

The NFL Draft returns to primetime in 2012. Catch all of the excitement of the 2012 NFL Draft on NFL Network April 26 - 28.