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2012 NFL Draft One Hour To Start Time

The NFL draft is just one hour away. Most of you probably already have a plan on how you are going to watch every pick of the first round tonight, but just in case you don't, here's a run down of when/where to watch:

NFL Network,, and ESPN will all have coverage of the draft. The first round starts tonight at 8pm EDT, while rounds 2-3 are tomorrow at 7pm EDT. The draft will end on Saturday with rounds 4-7 starting at non EDT.

As for what we will have here on the Phinsider, the Draft Special Podcast will go live at 7:30 pm EDT, and will last for three hours. We will cover everything we can, and will happily take calls throughout the night.

The site will also update the Dolphins pick, along with several stories going in for a deeper look at the Dolphins' selection.

While you watch on NFL Network,, or ESPN, make sure you also hang out here. We'll keep you abreast of everything as it happens!