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Tuesday Night Random Live Thread:Favorite Inebriated Food Edition

We have all been there, well most of us anyway. We had a night out, a few too many libations and God only knows what else. We finally schlep in at some ungodly time of the morning and alas we are hungry. Sometimes we stop by our favorite 24/7 or open late night/early morning fast food restaurant (hopefully if this is the case you are smart enough to have someone else driving). Around here we have Whataburger, Jack in The Box, Del Taco, Taco Bell, Taco Cabana and McDonalds for those that are looking for something any time of day or night. There is also always the routes of the 24/7 convenience store (who has not seen someone in a 7/11 stumbling around at 2 am?) or whatever might happen to be in your fridge or freezer. I think this might be the only time that a "HotPocket" actually tastes good.

Remember this is open thread and as such any subject is on the table outside of religion and politics. Please keep picks to a minimum of 2 per person and no GIF's in any of the live threads. Also try your best to keep things as close to PG as possible as we are on the front page.

So the question of the night is when you have had a few what is your meal of choice?