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2012 Miami Dolphins Draft Rumors: Owner Stephen Ross Quashes Tannehill Pressure Rumor

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Rumors have been circulating over the past few days of Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross pressuring general manager Jeff Ireland into selecting Ryan Tannehill with the team's first pick. The initial report of Ross stepping in as owner to make the pick came from's Mike Florio, who said Ross wanted Tannehill in order to fill seats.

Ross released an official statement yesterday, directed toward Florio, to quell the rumor once and for all. Distributed by the team, the statement read:

"So there's no confusion, Jeff Ireland, Coach Philbin and the football staff make the call on who we draft. They're the ones who have spent months reviewing tape, scouting, and gathering information from every source available to them. They have kept me fully informed about their draft analysis, and they have my full support and backing whoever they decide to pick. I know they will select the players they think can best help this football team win."

That should clear up any confusion.