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Site Request

As we all know, the NFL Draft is this week. With all the news that comes out of the draft, this will turn into one of the busiest weeks around here in a while. In fact, the draft usually is one of the busiest single days of the year. In order to continue to grow our site, and add new voices to our Fan Posts and Fan Shots, I am going to remove the 24 hour wait period from joining to being able to post.

I do recognize that I am adding risk, because with new members also come new trolls. That's where I need your help. Please use the "Flag" option under "Actions" in a comment or next to the "Rec" link on a Fan Post. Using that link will simply highlight the offensive material so that texascowpunk and I can see it and address the concern.

I really am hoping that removing the 24 hour waiting period will allow some new members to join the site and immediately become contributing members, rather than join and have to wait 24 hours, then never come back. If it gets overwhelming, I will reinstate the waiting period - but I am hoping, with your help flagging things, we can handle it with no problems.