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2012 NFL Draft: Could Riley Reiff Really Fall To Second Round?

Last night, during the Phinsider Podcast, I made reference to a report that offensive tackle Riley Reiff could be falling into the second round. At the time, I could not remember where I had seen that report. However, after a little research today, I have found the Tweet that served as the basis for that comment:

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SB Nation's Cincinnati Bengals blog, Cincy Jungle also has a good story on Reiff possibly falling, again based on the above tweet/story. Here is a quote from that story, but make sure you check out the entire thing:

Reiff is a very good football player. It would just seem (according to Lande) that teams aren't sold on him being the type of player that you build your team around. With other talents at the position like Jon Martin, Mike Adams and Jeff Allen lurking around that range from the middle of the first to the middle of the second round, Reiff could get lost in the shuffle. If he makes it past Arizona at No.13 and the Jets at No.16, it could quickly become a weekend to forget for Reiff.

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