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Adam Schefter weighs in on Dolphins' options at No. 8

"Third-round pick? I am worth the No. 3 overall selection!"
"Third-round pick? I am worth the No. 3 overall selection!"

Since I spent a fair amount of time ripping draft analysts a new one in my Thursday morning column, I'd like to point out a draft suggestion that actually makes sense, and realistically considers what the Dolphins should do with the No. 8 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

ESPN's Adam Schefter, our favorite whipping boy around here as of late, this morning published an NFL mailbag in which he fields a question about the Dolphins' best bet at the eight spot. Surprisingly, Schefter resisted the urge to climb on the "TRADE EVERYTHING FOR RYAN TANNEHILL RIGHT NOW!!!" bandwagon, and instead suggested that Miami could stay put and still indeed land the Texas A&M quarterback.

... Unless a team like Buffalo, Kansas City or Seattle is willing to trade up, Tannehill could slide to Miami," Schefter said. "However, if it costs the Dolphins only a mid-round pick to move up a spot or two to ensure they get Tannehill--assuming they really like him--they should not bypass that opportunity.

Amazing, considering where this info is coming from. You mean the Dolphins can go after Tannehill and not trade away their next four 1s and 2s for him? Surely you jest. And that's if the Dolphins even want the former Aggie standout. You never know with Jeff Ireland and Co.