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2012 Miami Dolphins Schedule: The Best Case Scenario

Like it or not, the Dolphins will see this guy twice in 2012. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
Like it or not, the Dolphins will see this guy twice in 2012. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I got this idea from a writer at Gang Green Nation. The schedule will be released for the Miami Dolphins, along with 31 NFL teams we don't care about, later tonight. There are a few things that could be used as an advantage or a disadvantage with the scheduled based on how it goes. For one, it wouldn't be in Miami's best interest to go to SF on a Monday night and ruin a week of preparation for their next game. How would I choose to set up Miami's schedule if I had the power to do so? Here's how:

First let's take a look at who Miami hosts and visits. Jacksonville, Tennessee, Oakland, St. Louis, and Seattle will visit Miami. The Dolphins will travel to San Francisco, Houston, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Arizona. They also have their home and away games against Buffalo, NY Jets, and New England. As part of the rules for the schedule, teams may not play in more than three consecutive road games and Week 17 will be played against a division opponent.

Week 1: Home vs New York Jets (it's a home opener with Sunday heat. Use it against our northern foes as they return to the scene of last year's debacle. With a new offense, we can catch their defense off guard.)

Week 2: Away vs Colts (get Luck early in the season before he hits a groove)

Week 3: Home vs Oakland (get the Raiders to go on a long road trip with black jerseys and SoFla heat)

Week 4: Home vs Bills (another division game where Miami can use the heat to their advantage)

Week 5: Away vs Bengals (it's still warm in Ohio)

Week 6: Away vs Cardinals

Week 7: Home vs Jaguars

Week 8: Away vs 49ers (it's a short week due to travel and Miami can use a bye week after. SF is a physical defense and Miami could use the rest)

Week 9: Bye Week

Week 10: Home vs Patriots (get to face the toughest division rival at home after a bye week. When is there a better chance to beat them?)

Week 11: Away vs Bills (Miami continues their division games, but Buffalo isn't cold yet)

Week 12: Home vs Tennessee

Week 13: Away vs Jets (hopefully they'd be collapsing and again it's not too cold yet)

Week 14: Home vs St. Louis

Week 15: Away vs Texans (there is no good time to play them, but they've had players like Schaub and Johnson struggle with injuries the last few years. Maybe one of them will be out? Wishful thinking.)

Week 16: Home vs Seahawks

Week 17: Away vs Patriots (we have to go there at some point)

How would you set up Miami's schedule?