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Who ya got?

"Is that Jeff Ireland looking at me right now?"
"Is that Jeff Ireland looking at me right now?"

We're officially two weeks away from the 2012 NFL Draft, and though the sports media has done its best to obscure Miami's No. 8 overall pick with the thick fog that is Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill's draft stock/hype, I am far from sold on the idea that Tannehill will have an angry dolphin on his helmet next season. Yep, the Dolphins need a quarterback in the worst way, and Tannehill has a boatload of intelligence, arm strength and upside. But the old adage is you look for elite, NFL-ready players within the top 10 picks of the draft ... and "elite" is one word you won't find included in the analysis of Tannehill's game. The Dolphins are always full of surprises, but it's seriously unclear whether or not their front office has the "reach draft selection" arrow in their quiver.

The term "elite," however, has been used ad nauseum to describe pass-rushers Quinton Coples and Melvin Ingram, which is Dolphins fans shouldn't be so quick to shut the door on the idea of a defensive end coming to Miami via the No. 8 pick. This league is about having a quarterback and having players who can disrupt, terrify and maim opposing quarterbacks. If the Dolphins are interested in finding a player with the latter skill set, Coples or Ingram would do the trick.

Plenty of other scenarios could be in play at the No. 8 spot, as well. Maybe Justin Blackmon falls to the eighth pick. Maybe the Dolphins attempt to turn their fanbase into Jonestown 2.0 by selecting Riley Reiff. Maybe the Dolphins trade down and stockpile picks (perhaps with the intention to get a quarterback in the second round).

That's a lot of maybes, so tell us which draft prospect you currently think will be the Dolphins' first-round selection in two weeks.