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Tuesday Night Random Live Thread:Favorite Cultural Food Edition

What REAL Tacos look like!

It's Tuesday night and once again the discussion turns to the subject of food or drink. This weeks question is what is your favorite food based in a culture other then your own?

I love all sorts of food's including Cuban, Jamaican, German, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and on and on but my all time favorite is Mexican. Not that Tex-Mex that most think of as Mexican or that crap that you get from a place like Taco Bell (yes I know that many of you love TB but the truth is it's freaking terrible) but the real thing. I find that the best authentic Mexican food is served in the little out of the way hole in the wall places. The kind of place where you have to take your friend that speaks Spanish because you might be the only one there that does not and someone has to be able to translate the menu and place the order.

As always this is an open thread meaning that any topic is on the table with the exception of politics and religion. Please limit the posting of picks to two or three per person. Also please no GIF's in any of the live thread. They slow down the load speeds for those on slower connections. Remember this is a front page post so please do your best to keep the conversation as close to PG as possible.

So what is your favorite culturally based food?

(hat tip to Anish for this post idea)