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Friday Night Random Live Thread: Victory Of The Week Vol. 7

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So with another work week in the books (for most of us) we come once again to the victory of the week post. This is of course the where you tell us your biggest victory or accomplishment of the week. Mine has not happened as of yet but will when I finally get past this cold from hell.

Please keep in mind that this is a front page post. As it is an "open" thread any subject is on the table but please steer clear of politics and religion while keeping things as close to PG as possible. Also please do not post GIF's. They have a huge impact on the upload speed of the page for some of our members once the comments reach a high number.

So tell us, what is your victory of the week?

Unrelated song of the night- Kasey Chambers (w/ her husband Shane), my all time favorite Australian artist.