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SB Nation: Should Your Team Pursue NFL's Top Free Agent?

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As everyone waits for the next rumor, speculation, and heresay on where free agent Peyton Manning may sign, Joel Thorman from SB Nation is taking a look at what some of the front runners for Manning's services bring to the table. And, how better to do that than to talk to the heads of the blogs covering those teams.

Yesterday, Thorman did just that, emailing several of the team blog editors, including myself, and asking us why we thought Manning was a good fit with our team, and if we wanted to see Manning come to our team.

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Which, if you have read anything I've posted lately, you've probably come to realize the answer to the second half of Thorman's question is an unequivical, whole-hearted YES!

My full answer to Thorman is actually the first one listed in his article. Here's what I had to say when asked why the Dolphins make sense for Peyton Manning:

"1983. That's the last year the Miami Dolphins found someone who could solidify the quarterback position for multiple years. And, I'm not talking 10 years. This is the last time the Dolphins had a quarterback who started the majority of the games for more than four years in a row.

"1999. That's the last year the Miami Dolphins had that 'franchise quarterback.' Since Dan Marino retired after that 1999 season, the Miami Dolphins have started 16 different quarterbacks. Since Marino, only two quarterbacks, Jay Fiedler in 2001 and Chad Pennington in 2008, have started all 16 games in a season.

"The Miami Dolphins are an incredibly talented team. They were the team, at the end of last year, that no team wanted to play. Reggie Bush was incredible. Brandon Marshall landed in the Pro Bowl. The offensive line could be dominant, if the team fixes the right side. The defense started slowly last season, but found its stride and began to dominate.

"Now, the team needs a quarterback, and it will win. This team is poised to win now. Peyton Manning needs to win now. How much better could it be? Manning owns a home in Miami. He knows the area. He's comfortable there. The Dolphins absolutely make sense for Manning, and, I'm 100 percent for him coming there. The fan base does have some detractors, who would rather the team pay the price to move up and get Robert Griffin III, but the majority seems to be pushing their chips all-in to get Manning."

Do you think I explained the situation for the Dolphins correctly?

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And, what do you think of the arguments from the other bloggers? Head over to to see the responses to why Peyton Manning would fit with the Arizona Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks, or New York Jets.