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2012 NFL Draft: What About the Wide Receivers?

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In a Dolphins offseason overflowing with Peyton Manning chatter, just-say-no-to-lineman campaigns, and whispers about whether or not Miami should trade the house in order to move up in the draft and snare Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III with the No. 2 overall pick, it's easy to forget that the Dolphins' wide receiver corps could use an upgrade or two. If Peyton Manning chooses to finish his career in Miami, there's a good chance Reggie Wayne will follow suit. Now you're talking about two No. 1-caliber wideouts and a slick slot receiver in Davone Bess. Not too shabby.

But let's get greedy for a moment and create the notion that the Dolphins can still improve upon the Marshall/Wayne/Bess (the Axis of Nastiness, if you will) group, and are interested in doing so with the No. 8 pick in the draft this spring. Maybe Justin Blackmon slips to that spot. Maybe the Dolphins go with Michael Floyd. Maybe Miami trades down and selects Kendall Wright or Stephen Hill. Regardless of the prospect, the boldness of a receiver selection at the eighth spot would send the message that the Dolphins are fully committed to equipping their new quarterback with state-of-art-weaponry. In today's "pass first, ask questions later" NFL, the idea of stacking your receiver corps is more genius than frivolous.

Of course, the issue with this strategy is pinpointing the receiver prospect who would best fit in with Marshall, Bess and potentially Wayne. Would the Dolphins be better off adding a premier speedster (Hill, Wright) or yet another No. 1-caliber wideout (Blackmon, Floyd, Sanu, etc.)? Look over the poll below and then tell us the receiver whom you think should be playing alongside Brandon Marshall and Co. in 2012.