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Don Shula: "I Would Want Peyton Manning, No Matter What"

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By now, everyone knows that the Indianapolis Colts released future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning this week. Now, as teams clamor to sign Manning, celebrities seem to be coming out of the woodwork to lure Manning to a team. That trend has not missed Miami and the Miami Dolphins' pursuit if Manning.

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On Tuesday, Miami Heat superstars LeBron James and Dwayne Wade both chimed in. Manning came up in James' post game interview following the Heat's 108-78 win over the New Jersey Nets.

"I'm just saying," James said, "Dolphins need a quarterback, and Peyton's available.

"Oh, you guys heard me?" he added, smiling. "I gave my pitch, my one-and-only pitch. We'll see what happens."

He was then asked if he and Manning are friends.

"No, not a friend of mine," LeBron said. "But I'm a Miami Heat player, and I want Miami sports to be great: The U, the Dolphins, the Marlins, the Heat, of course."

Wade took to Twitter to make his statement:

I'm just gonna put it out thr..peyton that number 18 wld look gr8 in a dolphins uniform..steve ross let's go.. marlins & heat style..All in
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But, maybe the most important for Dolphins fans was seeing former Miami head coach Don Shula's take on the Manning chase. The NFL's all-time winningest coach was interviewed by CBS4 in Miami yesterday. During the interview, Shula stated:

"If Don Shula were put in this position," he said in an exclusive interview with CBS4 Sports. "I would be very interested in Peyton Manning, and I would do everything in my power to make sure that he ends up with that helmet with the Dolphin logo."

"I would want Peyton Manning, no matter what."

Shula led the Dolphins to their only Super Bowl appearances, winning Super Bowls VII and VIII (1972 and 1973 seasons), along with making the game following the seasons in 1971 (Super Bowl VI), 1982 (Super Bowl XVII), and 1984 (Super Bowl XIX). He would like to see Miami return to their days of being a force in the league, "like the Dolphins have been in the past."

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You can watch the entire video below, and click the link to read the article about CBS4's interview with Don Shula.