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Thursday Night Random Live Thread:Least Liked Player Of All Time Edition


Well it's Thursday once again and as this night had yet to get it's own theme I continue to solicit ideas. Anyone? Remember my email is at the bottom of the page and in my profile. Please send me any ideas that you come up with.

So tonight's question is who is your all time least liked player? This does not have to be a Dolphins player or even an NFL player. Tell us who it is and why. Mine is Tim Duncan. I recognize his greatness but can not stand players that whine and cry all the damn time. Even if they are on my team. Tim is the WORST IMO!

As always remember this is a front page post. This means keeping subject matter at a PG level. Also no discussion of politics or religion and no GIF's in the live threads. They slow down the thread for some when the comment total gets high.

So tell us who is the player you most despise and why?

Unrelated song of the night. The great Steve Earle covering the late great Townes Van Zandt.