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The 2012 Matty Awards - Voting Part 3

After a couple of days of Peyton Manning madness, we bring back the 2012 Matty Awards voting process. Today, we take a look at the next five awards. Don't forget to go vote in the other two posts if you have not already.

  • The Richie Incognito Award - given to the most passionate/borderline psychotic blogger.
  • The Channing Crowder Lost In Translation Award - given to the blogger who has best overcome the language barrier between their first language and the English language
  • The Vernon Carey Award - given to the hardest working, do-everything blogger at the Phinsider
  • The Davone Bess Little Guy Award - given to the best underage blogger (17 and under).
  • The Larry Csonka Old Guard Award - given to the best older blogger (40 and up).

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Remember, there is no "campaigning" within 100 feet of the polls (aka - anywhere on this website).

Continue reading to place your votes.